Wednesday morning at the gardens

DSCN2384DSCN2382DSCN0009DSCN0008DSCN0002DSCN0001Wednesday morning campers and some of the staff took a walk down to the gardens which are near the Diocesan Staff and the Solar Orchard. They learned how to take care of gardens and had an opportunity to taste some of the flowers, herbs and vegetables that are growing there.






The poster discribing the overthrust  located near the parade ground.  Fr. Craig is an expert at all things Rock Point!

The poster discribing the overthrust located near the parade ground. Fr. Craig is an expert at all things Rock Point!

Today we went to explore the overthrust…some of us call it canoe landing! The morning was beautiful!
We then brought back some rocks to paint and put in the welcome garden at BBCC.


DSCN2305DSCN2332DSCN2331DSCN2330DSCN2322DSCN2321We are creating a banner which includes lots of things that we have seen on our walks. We also have notebooks to make a journal of our discoveries!

The Spirit of Ethan Allen

DSCN2316DSCN2315We can see the Spirit of Ethan Allen from many places at Rock Point Camp!

Morning Program

DSCN2318DSCN2317DSCN2314DSCN2312DSCN2311DSCN2310DSCN2309DSCN2305DSCN2304DSCN2302DSCN2300DSCN2298DSCN2297DSCN2296DSCN2295DSCN2294DSCN2292Monday morning…morning program. Craig Smith and Peggy Mauthauer are with us this week leading the morning program. The theme for this week is Home. The campers will be traveling around Rock Point to special places that make Rock Point our home. Monday morning they went to Eagle Bay.

Intermediate Camp

DSCN2291DSCN2290DSCN2289DSCN2288DSCN2286DSCN2284DSCN2283Intermediate campers arrived on Sunday afternoon. We started out our week with get acquainted games and activities. We also made Peace Mala Bracelets. The bracelet is a symbolic bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace…all things that we encourage with the covenant that each camper signs.
The essential message that the bracelet represents if the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.

IMG_1517IMG_1516IMG_1515Just said goodbye to 18 lovely amazing young people! We have enjoyed having them here at Rock Point for the week. At noon today we walked down to Eagle Bay and sat on the rock for Noon Day Prayer.
After we sang the closing song “Down to the River to Pray” the kids and staff sat in silence for almost 10 minutes! A beautiful, beautiful day!